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Your Data Mining Specialist

Dr. Didier Nicoulaz

Adilem is headed by Dr. Didier Nicoulaz. He contributes 20 years of diverse experience in both engineering and executive roles, and have founded or have held senior positions in both established and startup businesses in Asia, Europe and North America.

Before joining Adilem, Dr. Nicoulaz was Vice President of Engineering at Cresta Technologies Corporation (California), where he led the European engineering teams. His previous positions include Chief Architect at Transmedia Wireless Inc. (Switzerland), Technical Manager at Transwitch (Switzerland), and VLSI researcher at Asahi Kasei Chemicals (Japan). He earned a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1996. Dr. Nicoulaz speaks English, French and Japanese.

Project management, high-tech, technology
Data mining, machine learning, big data
Mathematical optimization
Computer programming, application development

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