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Your Data Mining Specialist

Industry-Application Matrix

Data analysis and mathematical optimization are very versatile methods and can be applied in many industries and for each of them in numerous applications.

Supply-Chain and Logistic

Most of our services have applications in logistic and supply-chain problems. It is especially true for data analyses that at first allow us to identify and understand problems before searching for an optimal solution. Services

Warehouse Management

  • Product slotting
  • Order batching
  • Travelling distance
  • Picking, routing and topology

Inventory Management

  • Replenishment
  • Safety stock
  • Simulations and robustness
  • Perishable products

Supply chain

  • Production planning
  • Demand forecast
  • Production scheduling
  • Historical data analysis

Locale Logistic

  • Tour optimization
  • Truck maintenance
  • Loading and pallets
  • Schedule optimization


Healthcare structures and hospitals in particular have specific operational features that can greatly benefit from data analysis and operation research solutions. With the help of mathematical optimization, it is possible to take into account quality of service for patients and employees while reducing operational costs. Services

Inventory, Medicine and Laundry

  • Slotting
  • Inventory management
  • Out of stock
  • Order quantity

Operating Room

  • OR planning
  • Team management
  • Employee schedule
  • Emergency management

Instrument Tray

  • Types of trays
  • Types and brand optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Historical data analysis

Process Mining and Flows

  • patient flow analysis
  • Reception management
  • Process mining
  • Performance analysis

Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Our services have solutions in several fields of the manufacturing industry. Mathematical optimization can solve complex production scheduling problems or manufacturing process optimization problems. In another field, new big data technologies can exploit data coming from machines and sensors to perform failure detection and prevention to increase production efficiency and improve maintenance. Services

Detailed Scheduling

  • Production planning
  • Load forecasting
  • Bottlenecks clearing
  • Specialized units scheduling

Maintenance and Failure Detection

  • Big data/sensors
  • Anomaly/failure detection
  • Sensor data analysis
  • Dashboard and alerts

Process Optimization

  • Process modeling and fitting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Industrial process optimization
  • Design of experiment

Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Slotting
  • Order batching
  • Waste reduction
  • Routing and topology

Insurances, Banks, Administrations et E-Commerce

New technologies in data mining and machine learning have applications in the fields of insurance, bank, administration and e-commerce. A little bit less known is the new process mining method to analyse the efficiency of departments and administrations. For example in case file handling, it may be the study of bottlenecks, handling loops, working load balancing or customer quality service. Services

Fraud Detection

  • Big data
  • Case file screening
  • Alerts et anomaly detection
  • Performance analysis


  • Recommender system
  • Campaign results
  • Customer classification
  • Advertisement optimization

Processus Mining

  • Case file handling
  • Management efficiency
  • Return rate
  • Quality of service

Retail and Logistic

Of course in the retail industry, supply-chain and manufacturing are very important aspects where Adilem services can be used. But retail has also very specific characteristics for example in fast fashion where hand-made algorithm can be very effective. Services


  • Store replenishment
  • Central inventory replenishment
  • Alerts and out-of-stock detection
  • Delivery planning
  • Delivery optimization

Demand Forcasting

  • Recommender system
  • Demand/sale forecasting
  • Buying process
  • Performance indexes computation

Sales and Marketing

  • Price optimization
  • Sales optimization
  • Market study
  • Customer segmentation


In modern transportation systems there are two main sources of data, internal with various real-time information about vehicles and external with data about customers. Both lead to many possibilities in data analysis and optimization. Services


  • Bus bunching improvement
  • Energy saving
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Vehicle utilisation stats

Schedules and Planning

  • Network planning
  • Bus line optimization
  • Parking plans
  • Maintenance scheduling

Real-Time Management

  • Critical situation detection
  • Anomalies and accidents
  • Traffic management
  • Failure prevention