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Your Data Mining Specialist

Primary Expertise

Adilem provides optimization services based on strong mathematical and data processing expertise, while offering pragmatic solutions with a short ROI.

Mathematical Optimization

A method that can solve numerous optimization and constraint solving problems, that can be efficiently used both at strategical and operational levels for decision making tasks.

Adilem helps you master the complexity of your system and transform it into a competitive advantage.


Data Analysis and Mining

A group of methods based on powerful tools coming from analytics and statistics to transform your row data into valuable insights.

With data coming from your ERP or network of sensors, increase the efficiency of your operations while introducing innovation into your products and infrastructure.


Computer Simulation

A powerful tool that helps you to reduce costs with simulations to explore many scenarios while verifying the ability to resist to market evolution.

This can help you to verify your solutions on complex systems before investing into the real implementation.


Machine learning

Numerous innovative methods to create models of systems and behaviours, and that allow you to build perdictions and to automate decisions.

Adopt the power of artificial intelligence and benefit from optimized operations. No need to be a big californian company.


Software Tools

Adilem is able to develop optimization modules, data analysis scripts and machine learning functions in multiple languages and software development environments.

Scripts and Applications

Development of scripts, modules and complex applications with visualization, data mining and machine learning libraries. Programming language for Spark.

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Modules and Applications

Development of libraries, modules and applications integrating complex mathematical optimization and efficient constraint solving algorithms.

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Data Analysis

Toolbox of efficient Python functions tuned for data analysis and mining working on large data tables. Time series and data frames similar in R, SQL and Spark.

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Machine learning

Large Python toolbox for machine learning algorithms that is extensively used in the data scientist community. Tremendous performance and flexibility, very well defined API.

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Data Visualisation

Python library for data visualisation compatible with Pandas. Can quickly create amazing charts to increase the value of the results of data mining and statistical analysis.

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IoT and Big Data

Big data and IoT infrastructures for state of the art condition monitoring and maintenance platforms in the field of Industry 4.0.

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Statistics and ML

Language et script development environment for statistics, data analysis and machine learning. Most commonly used and thousands of packages available.

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Constraints Optimization

Library of Java algorithms for constraint solving problems. Binary and integer optimization under constraint. Perfect for schedule optimization.

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Operations Research

Library of mathematical optimization solvers and operations research algorithms. Large number of interfaces towards free and commercial solvers.

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Adilem created partnerships with several consultancy agency and companies in order to provide a wide range of services and skills.