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Your Data Mining Specialist

Adilem offers data science, decision making and optimization services

Get insights from your data

Adilem is a Swiss company that offers business services based on data analysis, data mining and optimization softwares as well as developpements of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

The starting point is almost always detailed data and one optimization objective. Our methods are applied to various fields and industries like supply-chain, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, insurance, bank, administration and of course e-commerce.

In last ten years, cloud software, open source and computer power had a tremendous development. It is now possible to exploit this power in SMEs and larger companies to understand systems and optimize operations.


Advanced Infrastructure for Industry 4.0

Adilem and partners are able to build modern monitoring systems based of state-of-the-art technologies for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

You can build a great maintenance solution very quickly without any change to the existing system and benefit from statistical and AI algorithms right away.

You also get the main three characteristics of an efficient monitoring system, that is reliability with cloud base solutions, automation with strong algorithms and sensibility with the combination of multiple sensor sources.


Why choosing Adilem ?

To create value from your know-how and your large amount of data as quick as possible with the help of modern data mining and optimization methods that we bring, along with our solid project management experience.

Complexity Management

Adilem can address the complexity of larges systems with many variables and complex structures. Our speciality is to be able to extract the important features of your system, and provide detailed, quantified and neutral results.

To manage complexity, you need to visualise, filter, observe, quantify, classify and ask questions even before to start optimization. This is what Adilem is about.

Proximity and Flexibility

Adilem is a company located in Switzerland and that is used to work in high-tech where flexibility and agility are mandatory. Our structure allows us to make projects tailored to your needs and interests for innovation.

We are listening to your problems before searching for a solution. We don't have any license to sell absolutley.

Alignments of Interests

Adilem has a rigorous and neutral approach coming from engineering, and we are always driving projects to make sure to remain focused on the initial objectives.

We are satisfied when costs and complexity are aligned with optimization results. We strongly believe in the alignments of interests with our partners and customers.

Adilem is using most recent and powerful data mining tools

Best and most recent tools for you

Python, Java, Pandas, Seaborn, R, ScikitLearn, Amazon Web Services, Spark, CoinOR ou OptaPlanner; recent and powerful softwares, languages and libraries to analyse, visualize, simulate, forecast, recommend and optimize.

Adilem can develop scripts, modules and softwares with those tools and bring you the benefit of the latest technologies in data mining and machine learning.

You bring your industrial know-how, your data and your objectives, Adilem offers you expertise in modeling, algorithms and computer programming.