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Your Data Mining Specialist

Decision Making

Analysis and selection of best options for an efficient decision making process at strategical level. Quantified comparisons between simulations of multiple scenarios and sensibility study against market changes to have everything in hands at decision time.

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Process Optimization

System modelling, simulation and process optimization to increase operational efficiency in private companies and administrations. Applicable to industrial processes but also to general processes in administration involving people, tasks, jobs and resources.

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Data Analysis/Mining

To exploit digital data with the use of advanced analysis techniques and with the help of innovative visualization tools.
Perfect for inefficiency detection, problem identification or performance index computation.

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Software Development

Adilem offers software development services in the field of machine learning and mathematical optimization and brings its know-how in data mining and specialized softwares to build a unique and performant functionality.

Machine Learning

Software and advanced algorithm development for big data applications, ERP extensions or embedded modules on industrial machines. Adilem is using most recent and powerful open source solutions.

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Mathematical Optimization

Application, module or library developments of optimization functions to solve complex problems and to look for solutions under constraints. Many problems can be described with mathematical optimization methodology.

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Data as a Starting Point

Our services are almost always starting with the analysis of historical data in order to make decisions based on real facts and therefore minimize implementation risks.

Decision Making

This service for long and mid term decision making brings precious help to management teams. It is usually a data analysis, modelling and optimization effort leading to detailed reports and quantified proposals. The process is using historical data and mathematical optimization algorithms to be able to make the best decision depending on the constraints and criteria. Industries

Quantified Results

Decisions based on real data and figures, and less on feeling.

Innovative Visualization

Modern charts for a quick understanding and an easy communication with collaborators and investors.

To Understand = To Control

Process modelling, simulation and optimization in order to transform management into a real control process. Understand the limits, constraints, margins with an optimal and robust solution.

Process Optimization

Very similar to the decision making service that uses mathematical optimization, process optimization helps improve operations that can be seen as a sequence of daily small decisions. Here too, Adilem exploits data with efficient algorithms to find the best organization or set of parameters that maximize process performances. The result of this service is either a detailed report or a piece of software. Industries

Organization Improvement

Modify behavior rules and work organization taking into account historical data.

Objectives and Constraints

Define your objectives and constraints (legal, behavior, employees ...), the algorithm will optimize in all cases.

Transform Your Know-How Into Value

During an optimization process, your know-how is coded into a software and still running perfectly even when valuable employees are leaving.

Data Analysis/Mining

The key point of this service is the ability to generate insights from data. It consists in performing data mining with most recent statistic and machine learning tools. Here too, the starting point is historical data that are perfect to detect anomalies, lost of performance or at the opposite to avoid spending more time on improving because the margin is too small. We can do this sometimes just by computing complex performance indexes, but most of the time it is about creating relationships between variables and metrics with the help of historical data. Industries

Top Class Methods

High-end and modern statistical and data mining tools to discover the mechanics of systems deeply hidden into GB of data.

Discover How it Works

Data are very efficient to understand how systems are working or how a department is managed, but it is also powerful to analyse customer and employee habits and preferences.

Available Computing Power

No limit on the amount of data and on the complexity. Current computer power is often bigger than what we think.

Quick and Easy Customized Solutions

Open source softwares, the web community of programmers and high-level languages. It has never been easier to develop customized solutions to efficiently solve specific problems.

Machine Learning

This service for machine learning software development includes all tasks from initial definition to the final deployment. Adilem studies received data and develop prediction algorithms, detection functions or recommender systems. This service can also be used to create and fit a model in an industrial or management process. Industries

Performance and Open Source

Open source solutions for machine learning are powerful and extensively used in large companies.

Serving Employees

AI and machine learning algorithms are serving employees and complementing the knowhow and the analytical capability of people.

Cheap Customized Solutions

Another interesting output of the boom of this technology, is that it has never been so easy and cheap to build customized software solutions.

Mathematical Optimization

Software development service based on mathematical optimization is about all tasks from definition to deployment of a problem solving module or application. One can think about optimization as soon as there are minimization or maximization objectives and a large number of rules and constraints to satisfy. Industries

One Objective and Many Constraints

One function to minimize and many constraints to define the limits and behavior of the system to optimize. Solvers are taking care of searching for the best solution.

Let Solvers Make It For You

No more need to really program algorithms, with new technologies and the know-how of Adilem, stay focus on objectives.

Benefit From Most Advanced Developments

Finance and e-commerce drove optimization technology towards levels that can satisfy your expectations. It is available and ready to be used.